7 Critical Features your website needs to Sell Art Online – Part 2

Part 2. Friction obstacle – the WISIWIG phenomenon.
Failure to address the WISIWIG may just see your customers heading for the hills!

Just when we dropped a term like Friction on you, now we give you WISIWIG!  Yes! This may be just one of the most critical steps in the sales process that will turn a confused or our ‘hesitant’ shoppers into credit card reaching, take my money now, buyers of our art.

Have you deciphered it yet? No? WISIWIG stands for What I See Is What I Get! Which now immediately directs us to the visual aspect of any good sales process – images that tell the story of what I see is what I’ll get.

From your customer’s perspective, your images or lack of images can cause a huge amount of uncertainty when buying online as they can’t physically see what they are getting and rely heavily on you showing them. Just because we know what a term or description will give us as a finished product, does not mean the customer does. For example purchasing your art on ‘Cotton Rag’ or as a ‘Canvas gallery wrap’ – what does this mean to a non-artist who just simply loves your work? Without adequate images to show them, or the ability to see the final example, can mean the disappointed customer, too hesitant to take a risk, clicks off and goes about their day – or worse, finds somewhere with another piece of artwork that gives them a better understanding of WISIWIG and they get the sale. Knowing how critical this is to a good online shopping experience is why BuyArtNow.com.au offers the 3D Live Previews in the shopping experience.

As the customer views your artwork, by clicking on the different available options the 3D preview clearly provides them with a three dimensional WISIWIG view that is reassuring and builds confidence to complete their transaction with us.

buyartnow.com.au art previews help customers make their choices easier

BuyArtNow.com.au gives very clear images to match the selection of papers and mediums available to purchase the artwork in.   Change the selection and the image changes to suit.. (below) 

buyartnow.com.au see the range of product offerings easily before you buy

Going yet another leap forward, the Wall Preview take their choice and allows them to see their chosen artwork in-situ with furnishings and colour schemes to further reinforce the WISIWIG experience. They can then make edits to size, style, paper, canvas, …let’s try it on acrylic..! Now the customer is not only confident, but excited by how their art will look in their own home. This also takes the customer to a new level of commitment to their choice and actually increases the likelihood of continuing to checkout.
buyartnow.com.au lets you choose your size and see it on the wall

The WALL PREVIEW function gives the customer real objects to compare and ‘see’ how their selection works in various settings.

buyartnow.com.au wall previewYou can easily change the wall colour as well as having X number of settings to choose from further giving confidence to their purchase. (below) 

buyartnow.com.au wall preview colour chart - change your wall colourbuyartnow.com.au choose from 7 different scenes in the wall preview

If you haven’t yet had a look at the different product views available on the BuyArtnow.com.au site, then we invite you to take a look. Choose any piece of artwork available as a reproduction and take a walk through the WISIWIG experience.

Action tip no 2.  If your site is used as a gallery more than a shopping experience, consider linking a ‘shop’ or ‘store’ page directly to your own www.buyartnow.com.au/my-page.  This will increase your customer’s ability to see your artwork with all the WISIWIG functionality that comes with the BUYARTNOW membership.

Want to find out more about becoming a member of BuyArtNow.com.au – download your free info kit here!