7 Critical Features your website needs to Sell Art Online Part 3

7 Critical features your website must have to sell art Part 3

Part 3.  Friction obstacle – Importance of seeing the complete picture

So just a recap on from our first 2 articles  – we looked at the GREAT NEWS for ARTISTS that the online space for purchasing artwork is showing ever promising growth however, only in as much as the online shopping experience has to be one that makes the customer feel safe to purchase.  We also looked at the high level of functionality a website must have to help overcome ‘FRICTION’  the term given to whenever a shopper experiences frustration or uncertainty in the sales process and the critical importance of WISIWIG – what I see is what I get.   Today we’re going to look at taking our shopping cart select ‘exploded’ views a little further into selecting the complete picture to give maximum buyer confidence in their selection and WISIWIG (what I see is what I get) experience.

Seeing the complete picture includes framing options.  Why I hear you ask?  At first that might just seem like a nice add on, but for 2 great reasons offering framing options is an important part of the process.  The first being to reduce friction. Offering a range of frames which can be then used to preview the final piece of artwork again in the WALL PREVIEW gives further reassurance of the final finished ‘WISIWIG’ (what I see is what I get) product.

Having a choice of framing options allows them to see the finished items in a range of difference styles to suit their décor.  Leaving this option off, can mean there’s just one more step of shopper decisions that go unanswered when deciding whether to complete their purchase or not.  For some people, the unknown questions of ‘How much will a frame will cost?’ ‘What type of frame will look good?’ ‘Where do I go to get it framed?’ become points of uncertainty which we now know and understand to be a point of ‘FRICTION’ again.  If it all just seems too hard at this point, it creates that ‘hestitant art buyer’ discussed in Part 1.  By giving framing choices for your artwork allows your customers to make all their selections in the one place. Easy! and reassuring.

Selecting the frame option then choosing WALL PREVIEW gives the opportunity again to see the final product when buying art – a critical step in reassuring the hesitant art buyer in the sales process.

The second great reason is that approximately 15-20% of all art sales are purchased with frames!  And that, my friends puts another 5% commission back in your pocket for any of your artwork sold and framed by Art House Reproductions.  So it’s a win-win for everyone.  The customer is happy that they can purchase a completed piece of artwork and you receive a nice little bonus because we made choosing to purchase a completed piece your artwork an easy experience for the customer.


Action tip no 3.  Pop on over to www.buyartnow.com..au and test out the ‘LIVE FRAMING PREVIEWS’ to see how your artwork looks framed!  It’s often exciting to see your artwork framed in a variety of styles.  Remember if you haven’t linked your own website to your  www.buyartnow.com.au/my-page   your customers may be experiencing friction in the shopping experience they will never tell you about.


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