7 Critical Features your website needs to Sell Art Online Part 5

7 critical features for selling your art online - shopping cartsPart 4.  Friction obstacle – Shopping Cart & checkout

When it comes to convincing your customers to enter their private information online, it is critical they feel confident and have a high level of trust before they will do this.   As we’ve been talking about the issue of “Hesitant art buyers” as identified in The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2017, we need to make sure our customer’s experience is friction free and supports the sales process.  Friction, as we’ve been discussing in previous articles, is that moment the customer experiences confusion or uncertainty in the sales process which can cause them to pull back resulting in lost sales.

One of the critical moments after they have fallen in love with your artwork and decided to buy is the Checkout process.  Many artists operate by having their customers make an enquiry, then a series of emails and a request for payment is then issued using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  In the world of ‘instant gratification’ we operate in, this process can simply take too long and by the time responses go back and forth, the customer’s motivation has waned, often resulting in only the very committed completing their transaction.

Offering a  shopping cart with a trusted payment gateway means the customer has enough confidence to act on their motivation to buy while their motivation is high and complete their transaction.  This in itself can increase the number of sales for the artist displaying their work.  Shopping Cart allows you to buy art now

Most online stores or e-commerce sites create a ‘shopping cart’ for the customer where their selections are stored until they are ready to complete their transactions.  A site that doesn’t provide a shopping cart but rather directs the customer to check out as soon as they have selected their artwork, will often miss the opportunity for the customer to possibly purchase a second or even multiple pieces by asking them to check out too soon.

A good shopping cart should clearly show when an item is added to the cart and then allow the customer to continue to shop OR check out.






Another key feature is being able to review what’s in the cart without leaving the page they are on is another handy feature and something we offer on www.buyartnow.com.au.  By hovering the cursor over the shopping cart icon in the header section of the site, a pop up of their items appear and total price of their selections so far.  This prevents the frustration of going back and forth to navigate pages in the website.





Careful consideration must go into your shopping cart and also the type of payment gateway you use.  An unfamiliar bank, or gateway can also cause the buyer to stall at the most critical time as the perceived risk now outweighs the pleasure of the purchase.   Using a tried and trusted, familiar payment gateway can be the best decision when it comes to converting the hesitant buyer even in the face of other gateways offering cheap fees or introductory offers.  If the customer feels confident in the gateway being used and familiar to them, then there is a higher chance they will progress with the checking out and completing their purchase.

Most of the more popular payment gateways offer a consumer protection policy which can give additional reassurance to the customer that if their goods do not arrive or are not as described they have the ability to seek restitution.  This all adds up to increased customer confidence to complete their purchase.

Buyartnow.com.au has created a shopping cart experience that we feel is easy to use and supports the customer’s journey through each phase. Even giving them the ability to check out quickly using the ‘Fast Checkout’ function.




Security certificates and encrypted data collection is an important part of any online process and this can be displayed to customers with reassuring security badges.






Action tip no 4.  Take the time to review your own sales process if you have a website to see where it may cause friction for your customers.  Are you using a trusted and familiar payment gateway?  Is it easy to purchase from you, or does it require considerable effort for your customers over and above their motivation to buy?  There are many simple shopping carts available that can revolutionize your purchasing process for your customers.  Or as a member of Buyartnow.com.au you can simply link your site to your own page within the site and let your customers take advantage of all the great features and functions of the shopping cart on the site.


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