Art House Reproductions & Inkjet Lab, affectionately known as Art House, is well recognized as the leaders in Fine Art Reproduction Image Capture and Print processes in Australia.

The superior digital capture techniques are heavily founded in the skills and knowledge of Mark Lutz, whose background as a professional photographer has allowed him to perfect these techniques to the highest standards offered in the industry.

Servicing both Artists and Photographers since 2001 has seen Art House grow and expand to offer an extensive range of products to meet the need of their clients with ever improving technology advances and finishing techniques.

You’ll find Mark, now also joined by his son, Anthony and their team, genuinely passionate about their craft and extremely helpful. Their love of what they do and the Artist’s they serve has led to the creation of their expanded range of supporting services.

2017 has seen the launch of ‘The Complete Artist Selling System’. This includes the development of the state of the art online gallery and storefront that allows its members the opportunity to gain worldwide exposure to art collectors and buyers.

It’s through Mark’s deep compassion and understanding of the nature of Artists that he saw that by developing a system which takes the ‘hard work’ out of being an artist and allowed the Artist to do what they do best – create – it was a win-win for everyone.

Art House also provides a range of expert advice and information to Artists as well as also conducting Seminars and Webinars (for their further afield clients) to assist their growth and development in their pursuit of their creative careers and interests.

To find out more about how Art House can help you grow your own creative pursuits, please call 07-3252 3130.