Copyright and digital file prot

We take Copyright law very seriously and we may require proof that you are the artist and owner of the copyright if you are not the one who produced the work. We only copy and print work when the permission from the Owner of Copyright has been given. When you buy a painting it does not give you automatic copyright authority to produce copies either for sale or for your own use.

In some cases we will require written permission from the artist first before we can reproduce any artwork.

When you have work copied at Art House Reproductions the copyright holder retains copyright of any images reproduced by Art House Reproductions and we will not print any work without permission or a confirmed order from you. The artist/creator has the primary ownership of the work and retains the right to produce reproductions even after selling the original.
You can read more in our Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.

Protecting your Digital Image property

Digital imaging is both exciting and frightening from a security point of view. In the old days of negatives you only had one negative – if it got damaged, the show was over – end of story! The down side with modern technology is that you must be very careful who you supply even small digital files to. Unfortunately some artists have had their work copied without permission and rarely are the culprits caught however don’t let this put you off – there are ways to take advantage of what reproductions can give you that minimise the chance that something bad may happen.

Here’s how we recommend you keep your online files as protected as possible for copyright infringement and theft.
  • Don’t send large files to anyone you don’t know well.
  • Only upload small files to the web. For every artwork we digitally capture we  provide you with a file that is no longer than 1000 pixels on the long edge. This equates to a printable file of around 3.5″ at 300 ppi quality setting.
  • Watermark your images if you really want to.  But unfortunately watermarks only stop honest people and make it harder to enjoy looking at your image – small files are safe enough.
So there are several questions you should ask if you ever have work copied by someone…
  1. How do you secure the files you create against theft, damage or misuse?
  2. Who owns the files you create?
  3. Do I get a copy of the file and if so, what is the cost?
If the company you are speaking with cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, then it may be wise to look elsewhere.

If you’d like to know more about file types, copyright or the files & storage we provide at Art House Reproductions, please contact us 07 3252 3130

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