ow we work with you

How we work with you through the process.

If you are local or making a trip to Brisbane to see us we will spend time with you here in the office discussing all aspects of your work and the desired outcome. Don’t worry if you can’t come in personally, we work with artists all over the country and have ways and means of dealing with just about any situation.

  • First Contact – you may have found us via this site, been recommended by another artist or simply got lucky. We’ll chat first, get to know each other a little, you’ll tell us what your thoughts are and once we’ve seen your work, we’ll offer some suggestions of our own.
  • Getting started – Bring in an original, or two or three (it’s cheaper when you bring in 3 or more) and we will photograph them, test them and produce a proof print for you to approve. We will also provide an information sheet showing a range of possible sizes, prices etc.
  • Ordering Prints – Once you are happy with the proof, you can order one or as many prints as you like, in whatever size you like, whenever you like – how’s that for easy?
  • Online Sales – If you’d like to list your images for sale on our site, we will just need the relevant information and we can list them for you.
  • Re-orders – We suggest you keep one or two prints in stock to fill orders quickly but you can order more any time you need them and usually collect them in around 3 days.
  • Do it all over again – This is the best bit! Once sales start flowing, you have some extra funds to put some more work into production and repeat the process.

So there it is, a pretty simple process aimed at helping you get your work produced in the most efficient manner and ready for sale.

Then you’re ready to become a Successful Selling Artist!

As part of our complete support for Artists from start to finish, we have developed a complete system of support including membership to www.buyartnow.com.au. This is a site specifically set up to help our clients SELL their work.

You may have your own website, however exposure is also key when it comes maximising your opportunities to sell your art. If you don’t have your own website, then this may also make your journey to making a living from selling your art a lot easier.

This site now completes the system we have developed to fully support our Artists and Photographers by also assisting to market their work to a world wide audience.

You can download the FREE information kit ‘How to Sell Your Art Like a Pro’ HERE!