Selling your reproductions

Do you suffer with ‘Struggling Artist Syndrome’?

“Selling” – can be a horrible word to some. Often it scares people as the mere thought of having to sell something will stop many artists in their tracks with the mentally debilitating disease called “Struggling Artist Syndrome”.

“Struggling Artist Syndrome” can cause you to hide your originals away or have so little faith in your work and your abilities that you give paintings away or sell them for less than the cost of materials.

Because we understand the majority of artist’s would rather paint or create than market themselves, we needed to assist them to make the process of selling their art easy!

Which is why we’ve spent enormous time, effort and resources in developing our Online Art Gallery to showcase and help sell our artist’s work – You can check this out here

In a nutshell, we took every fear, concern, and time consuming task away from the Artist and solved it with the development of this site, so that Artists can do what Artist’s do best – keep CREATING!

The other side of this equation is we are developing to be THE place people turn to when they are looking for quality art pieces for all their different needs. It’s the go-to place where Artists and Lovers of Art meet.

This state of the Art website even shows the customer how it will look on their wall before they purchase, giving you the best opportunity to sell your work.
By leveraging the power of the world wide web as well as an extensive advertising and marketing campaign, we expect that will provide a platform that enthralls the art lover with an ever growing discovery of new art on the site, as well as giving artists the greatest opportunity to have their art seen by a worldwide market.

So now it’s easier than ever to ditch the ‘Struggling Artist Syndrome’ and become a Successful SELLING Artist as we can support you from start to finish.

To find out more about THE COMPLETE ARTISTS SELLING SYSTEM – download the FREE info kit here!