Certificates of Authenticity

Certificates of Authenticity are much more than little bits of paper that you stick on the back of a reproduction.

A COA is a critical part of authenticating your artwork, whether it’s representing a fine art reproduction or an original. While a COA is not formally required to prove that an original work is genuine, it adds value and offers the client some relevant information and assurance about the piece.

In relation to Limited Edition Reproductions, a COA helps to ensure that the reproduction purchased is an authentic and authorised copy of your original work. In Australia there are no laws or authorities who to register COA’s with, it’s entirely up to you. However in some states in the USA it is state law to provide a COA.

What Information do you need?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the original artwork or limited edition reproduction. It contains details about the artist and the artwork for the buyer’s reference.

All Certificates of Authenticity should contain this information…

  • Title of the Artwork
  • Original Medium (if Original) or Paper/Canvas type (if Reproduction)
  • Dimensions of work
  • Limited Edition Number  (designated as ##/### or 12/100)
  • The date purchased
  • The Artist’s Name and Signature

Extra information for Limited Editions printed by us could be…

  • An image of the artwork – only needs to be small for reference only (our web file will print 8.5cm high so could be used for this. Warning – do not use the web file if you are printing it larger!)
  • Our details as the printer.
  • The Art House Warranty – listed below. Reword it to make it look like it comes from you.
  • Artist contact details – phone, email, websites

Promote Yourself!

As a separate offering, it would be a good idea to send some promotional material with the certificate – business card, a special offer for next purchase perhaps, link to sign up to newsletter etc)

If you are making up your own COA, feel free to use the Warranty as shown below. You can make changes to the wording to make it your own (as in, remove Art House, put in your name) but don’t change the meaning of the dot points.

The Art House Warranty

The Art House Warranty is unique. We understand that reputations are on the line with each and every fine art reproduction we make. Our reproductions will match as close as technology allows to the original artwork and you can feel confident that an Art House Reproduction will be printed on the finest materials available at the time so…

  • All Art House Limited Edition Reproductions are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
  • If ANYTHING should happen to your reproduction we will replace it for half its current price provided the reproduction is returned to us and while we have the original digital file in our possession.
  • This warranty applies to any Limited Edition reproduction made by Art House Reproductions and applies regardless of the owner of the reproduction. The reproduction must be returned with the Certificate of Authenticity. Due to copyright laws we will require the artist to first approve the replacement and be available to resign the new reproduction.

A Simplified Version you can use…

Fine Art Reproduction Warranty

Your Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
Should your Reproduction change colour or be damaged in any way, I will replace it on payment of 50% of it’s current value provided I have the original digital file in my possession. The reproduction must be returned, with this Certificate of Authenticity.