Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Boy are we excited, here at Art House Reproductions, about 2012!

Why? I read my horoscope in the paper on New Years day – and you know how you can believe everything you ready in the newspaper, especially horoscopes, right?

Well mine told me I was going to have a brilliant year and that all my clients were going to have a fantastic time selling heaps of art and photography and make loads of money – that’s exactly what it said, honest!!!

I hope you all have big plans for the year? I know I have. I spent the two weeks of my ‘holiday’ renovating our work area here so we can accommodate more staff and get out more work and new products. Despite all the concern in the world and the nay-Sayers who are always talking negatively, we’ve been fortunate here to be in constant growth. That’s all thanks to you and your desire to do more with your art.

Our goal is, and always has been, to create better prints for artists and photographers so you, in turn, can provide your clients with the best possible product. With that in mind here’s a short list of what we offer you, just to remind you that our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for you.

  • Canvas Prints – 5 canvases to choose from, offering you the right canvas for your image.
  • Rag Paper Art Prints – Photographers and artists alike want great quality, archival art prints – we have a huge range from super smooth to highly textured, matte papers, gloss papers and even papers that look just like the old fibre-based B&W style.
  • Photo Style Papers – for photographers who want prints that last longer and look better than traditional photos – Matte, Lustre or Gloss available.
  • Metallic Paper – Want your images to really scream “LOOK AT ME!!!!” Try our Metallic paper, especially when mounted behind acrylic.
  • Framing – Full framing service from stretching your canvases to custom cut mattes and traditional framing.
  • Presentation – Just want mattes for your prints without the frames? Sure! Want them shrink-wrapped, ready for sale? Sure!
  • Alternative Wall DisplaysNEW – Floating Acrylic and Stud-mounted Facemount Acrylic – looks AWESOME and is all the rage in Europe. These are just a couple of the Wall Mount options that suit the modern home or commercial office perfectly.
  • Online Sales – Are your images up on our web site – www.artreproductions.com.au? Sales are increasing here so if yours aren’t online, you could miss out.
  • Free Advice – We’ve had lots of practice selling images over the last 30 years and we freely pass on whatever relevant ideas we have that can help you sell more of your work.
  • Online Pricing – You can work out prices any time for almost any product we offer on our web site – www.inkjetlab.com.au. That’s what I use to calculate your prices.

So, if you haven’t got the idea already, we are here to help you build a more successful and profitable art or photography business. We will quite happily answer your questions any time you have them but if you stay tuned to my blog, our web sites (all listed below) and follow us on Facebook, there’s not much you will miss out on.

Speaking of my blog – www.marklutz.com.au – it will soon become part of www.arthousehq.com when I’ve finished the rebuild, but I will let you know when that happens.

One final thing for this newsletter. Because I spent the two weeks of my Christmas break working here, and because I’ve never had 4 weeks off in one hit in the last 30 years, I’m going to be taking a break in Mid March to Mid April and heading off to the other side of the world. While I’m gone, Anne will be manning the phones and Stuart, Barry and Toby will be working hard (at least they’d better be) to get your orders out. If you plan on having anything really tricky – it might need to come in before I go (not the day before please) or wait until I return. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up so you can plan your work if need be.

Well that’s it for now – May 2012 be as exciting for you as I intend it to be for me and may all your resolutions, goals and dreams come true!

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