New Products – Crystal Blocks and Crystal Panels


We’re excited to announce that our new range of Crystal Blocks and Crystal Panels are now available.

We had so many requests from photographers who weren’t happy with their current supplier that we just had to develop a range that would keep you happy. We think we’ve done it!


Our Crystal Block range includes 7 sizes ranging from the baby 10 x 15cm (4″ x 6″) up to the Ayres Rock of acrylic blocks,  a whopping 30 x 60cm (12″ x 24″).

Crystal-block_20x30The full range of sizes available are…

  • 10 x 15cm x 3cm (4″ x 6″)
  • 13 x 18cm  x 3cm (5″ x 7″)
  • 20 x 20cm x 3cm (8″ x 8″)
  • 20 x 30cm x 3cm (8″ x 12″)
  • 30 x 30cm x 4cm (12″ x 12″)
  • 30 x 45cm x 4cm (12″ x 18″)
  • 30 x 60cm x 4cm (12″ x 24″)

The smaller blocks are 3cm thick, while the larger blocks are 4cm thick to help with stability. What sets our blocks apart is that all faces are polished, even the main front and back face. this gives them a much cleaner, thicker and clearer look than traditional blocks. They have an almost 3D effect on your images.


Crystal Panels are unique to Art House Reproductions and Inkjet Lab, we developed these ourselves. They are a two piece product, lighter weight than the Blocks and have a more corporate feel to them.

Crystal-panel_blackOnce again, 7 sizes are available but these are a little different…

  • 15 x 30cm (6″ x 12″) Panorama
  • 20 x 20cm (8″ x 8″) Square
  • 20 x 25cm (8″ x 10″) Landscape
  • 25 x 20cm (10″ x 8″) Portrait
  • 20 x 30cm (8″ x 12″) Landscape
  • 25 x 25cm (10″ x 10″) Square
  • 30 x 30cm (12″ x 12″) Square

The Crystal Panels are 4.5mm thick and as with the Crystal Blocks, all faces are polished. The bases are available in clear or solid black to enhance your image.

You can check out the full range in this video…

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