How to sell more art: Making Your Art More ‘Saleable’

How to Sell More Art: making your art more saleable How to sell more art: Making Your Art More ‘Saleable’
Every artist puts a little of themselves into their artwork. That’s what makes each piece unique. Creating works of art is a hobby that many artists enjoy. Turning this passion into profit can be a bit tricky. However, there are a few steps you can take to make your artwork more “saleable”.
Art lovers choose to buy artwork for various reasons. Sometimes they have a certain colour scheme they are working with. They may be in search of pieces that have a particular theme. Then, there are times when they see something that speaks to them and they just have to have it.
To an artist, creating artwork is the easy part. Selling it is quite another. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you find ways to make your artwork more saleable.

Plan before you get started. It’s natural for an artist to pick up a canvas and paint, and end up with a magnificent work of art. However, if you are planning on selling your work, you should consider in advance where you want your painting to lead you. Think carefully about what your end product will be and which medium you will use, be it paper, canvas, or crystal blocks.

Put it on different mediums. You may at first think about selling only your original artwork, but if it was really good, you may want to consider reproductions. Consider having some of your best work professionally photographed to create digital files. By producing a digital file of the image, you can create a range of products from your original piece that expands the opportunity to sell your art in ways that delight your customers – Enlargements, smaller pieces, on different papers and canvases, acrylic, metal and even a range of homewares and apparal – T-shirts, coffee mugs, and more with your artwork proudly displayed on them. It can also be great advertising for your business.

Think small. Smaller pieces are quicker to make, and they also require less material. They won’t cost as much to produce. After seeing a few good miniatures that they like, an interested client could commission you to create larger pieces.

Let your personality shine through. Stay true to what you believe in, and let it be reflected throughout your work. This will be what makes you stand out from the rest. By being honest and open, you’ll find that many people can relate.

Add some pizazz. Consider the presentation of your artwork to attract the right customer.  This could include sophisticated framing options or the way the finished piece can be displayed. Consider displaying it in a gold or silver frame or display case. This will add a whole new perspective to your already beautiful creation. ’s Wall Preview creates some wow by being able to see your finished pieces in a range of rooms with furniture for size reference as well as being able to change wall colours and framing options.

In the end, don’t forget your true self. Creating artwork that sells doesn’t always equate to the stuff you wanted to present to the world. Turning your passion into something that sells can quickly become more of a job than a hobby. For this reason, some artists create a collection of work that they know sells well and a separate collection of work for their passions, giving a great mix of income and self expression. Always set aside time to keep your mind fresh and to release what you really feel.

Sell more art by offering on different mediums

Sell more art by offering different mediums.

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