What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

I just updated my database with a list of email addresses from an industry group. These people are all in the same general business but you’d never know from some of the random email addresses being used.

I firmly believe an email address is one of the most important pieces of information about your business. It says a lot about your professionalism and commitment to your business. It must be easy to type or write down and preferably give some idea of what you do.


What it should not do is give away too much personal information… like your date of birth! If you are looking to have your identity compromised, then go ahead and use something like fred.john.smith19031976@yahoo.com – tell the world your birthday is on the 19th of March 1976 and make life a little easier for those who are eager to rip you off.

What can you learn from these email addresses?

  1. smurfs82@aol.com
  2. john@johnjones.com.au
  3. timandshirley.smith01@optusnet.com.au
  4. christina.wilson@gmail.com
  5. arnold.perkins@qld.edu.au
  6. sexygirl@pornforever.com

You can almost tell from the email address what sort of email will be written by these people… The first has got some sort of fascination with smurfs or it’s short for Samantha Murphy who was born in 1982. John operates some sort of personal website under his own name, Tim and Shirley Smith are too lazy to use anything other than the standard address provided by their ISP (what happens when they change ISP?), Christina Wilson and Arnold Perkins seem quite sensible people and we won’t click on anything received from the last one!

So, what does your email address say about you?

Have you had the same complicated email address for years because it’s too hard to change it? It’s not really that hard, set up a new email address, email all your contacts from the new address, asking them to update their contacts. Do this 3 times over a month or so and then change! Only use the new one for all future correspondence. Sure, you can still monitor the old one for those people you might have missed but when you reply, use the new one and ask them to update.

Here’s some things to consider when choosing an email address, or for that matter a domain name as well.

  • Keep them as short as possible
  • Keep to the point of your business
  • Don’t give away anything more than your name in the details.
  • If you must use a number, make it a random one.
  • If you have a domain for your business – use an email address associated with it – avoid using ISP or free email accounts when you could be promoting your site. Why hide your website – use it, promote it, make the most of it.

One final tip – if you must use a yahoo or gmail email address, be sure to use a complex password of upper and lower letters, numbers and a symbol – don’t make it easy for the mongrels to steal your data!

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